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We take our responsibilities, and those of our clients, very seriously—everything is done in strictest accordance with all the relevant legislation, rules and regulations.

» Environmental Responsibility

You can have total trust and confidence in the fact that we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of environmental performance. Copies of our environmental policy are available on request This sets out the operating procedures and key environmental priorities that we adhere to.

We strictly control our operations and environmental performance to ensure processes and outcomes minimise any possible environmental damage or harm to human health. Carefully prepared work instructions cover the most environmentally sensitive aspects of our operations. Our workforce are trained to adhere to these and the processes are regularly audited to ensure total compliance.

These work instructions, and all our processes, are regularly reviewed and updated to accommodate current best practice and new regulations. We use our own external advisors and other sources of information to monitor trends, developments and changes in legislation. We are swift to adopt the most advanced best practice to ensure you get the maximum benefit and peace of mind—you can be certain you are fully compliant with the very latest UK health, safety, environmental and transportation legislation.

» Emergency Procedures

We are well aware that any waste collection and recycling operation involves a risk of accidents, incidents and emergency situations. These can have adverse consequences for the environment and human health. Prompt action is essential to minimise harm so we have a number of Emergency Action plans in place to cover these possible eventualities. These not only include potential incidents occurring at our materials recycling facility but also cover road accidents, waste spillage and the discovery of non-conforming wastes discovered in containers on the client’s premises.

Details of our company policy regarding these matters are available on request. Our workforce is well briefed on these emergency procedures and copies of these plans are displayed prominently on our premises. These plans are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure they cover current operations and comply with the latest legislation.

» Environmental Consents

We utilise a number of permitted, licensed and exempt facilities for the recycling or disposal of material. To ensure your complete legal protection we hold current copies of the environmental consent for each facility on file and cross check these against the waste types being handled. We also regularly review our suppliers to ensure that you are fully compliant with your duty of care regulations.

Our own environmental consents, and a register of our licensed facilities, are available on request.

» Certificated Environmental Management System

We are currently assessing the feasibility of developing an Environmental Management System to the BSEN ISO 14001 standard. This will be achieved either through direct certification to ISO 14001 or via the new BS 8555 STEMS scheme, which divides ISO 14001 into 6 phases. Completion of the 6 phases results in the award of certification to ISO 14001. The award will be provided by a NAMAS accredited body such as BSi

» Environmental Consultancy

There is a legislative and regulatory minefield surrounding the correct collection, handling, recycling and disposal of waste—it is therefore vital that you take proper professional advice.

We have a wealth of experience and capability in all these areas. We can answer any questions you may have, give all the advice that’s required and take away all their headaches, no matter how awkward the situation. We also work with a number of specialist consultancies who can assist with particularly challenging environmental and health & safety issues.

Our consultancy capabilities give you total peace of mind in terms of how best to discharge their many responsibilities in a way that’s also commercially astute.

» Driver Responsibilities

You can be confident that we will only provide them with competent LGV drivers, appropriately trained and licensed for the vehicle concerned. These drivers have undergone a full induction course to ensure they always follow safe and environmentally sound operating procedures.

All drivers are supplied with the appropriate personal protective equipment required by the site. These drivers are fully conversant with the paperwork required by the Duty of Care Regulations relating to the collection, transportation, transfer and disposal of waste. Our paperwork is fully compliant with all current legislation, including record retention periods.

Our vehicles undergo four-weekly planned maintenance inspections to ensure roadworthiness and all drivers are required to complete a daily defect check. All vehicles are also inspected weekly by a competent fitter to ensure the daily checks are being completed satisfactorily.

» Sub-contractors

Where we employ sub-contractors they are required to complete a “Contractors Safety Questionnaire”. This ensures they meet our stringent health & safety and environmental standards. Copies of this questionnaire are available on request.

We provide a single point of contact and manage all sub-contractors on your behalf.

» Hazardous Waste

We regularly use a specialist sub-contractor for the removal of hazardous wastes who has over 40 years experience in the removal of non-excavation hazardous wastes such as paints, sealants, oils and greases. You can be confident that we have the specialist expertise to ensure everything is handled and disposed of correctly in accordance with the relevant legislation. Copies of our specialist sub-contractor's waste carrier's licence are available on request. Certificates of destruction or recycling will be provided to ensure a transparent audit trail is maintained at all times.

» Reporting Requirements

To ensure that you can meet your responsibilities with regard to Corporate Social Responsibility agendas and the applicable waste legislation, we can provide a complete and comprehensive reporting package. This means that waste movements, tonnages handled, and percentages recycled can all be traced. You can choose the amount of reporting detail you require on each individual project.

» Health & Safety

We take our responsibilities in this area very seriously and have a very good record. We publish a comprehensive Safety Policy document. Copies of this are available on request. We have also produced a detailed Safety Manual providing extensive information regarding everything from operating procedures to legal requirements and hazards to reporting requirements.

All new employees, agency and temporary workers are inducted into our health & safety culture. Prior to the commencement of work each individual is informed of the particular risks associated with that task, the necessary reporting requirements, operating and emergency procedures. All employees undertake regular training relating to their specific job.

We fully investigate all accidents and ‘near misses’. The findings are then used to prevent reoccurrence either by changing working practices, reviewing risk assessments, revisiting training requirements or a combination of all three.

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