B&A Group Sponsors Hallen Village Planter

B&A Group Sponsors Hallen Village Planter

Based in Hallen B&A Group are proud to be active members of our local community, having recently supported the local football club, Hallen FC and the village fayre. We are delighted to announce the sponsorship of a brand-new planter for the village. 

Enhancing Hallen Village

Hallen Village Community Group was formed in 2005 with the objective of enhancing village life. Projects include planting spring bulbs, improving the village green and reintroducing a village newsletter. As part of the group’s efforts to improve the community, they wished to replace one of the planters with a new one made from brick.

Situated underneath the Hallen signs that welcome people to the village, the existing planters made from wood were beginning to rot and look a little bit shabby. Carole Moorlen, treasurer contacted B&A Group with this project in mind. As Hallen is the home of our new HQ, we obviously gave a unanimous ‘yes’. B&A Group are keen to help revitalise the village we call home.

hallen village community group

B&A Group were pleased to work with the community group, allowing them to replace one of the old planters with brand new brick one. Mary Maloney, the group’s secretary who has lived in the village since 1971 commented, ‘the committee would like to thank the Bristol and Avon Group for their support, the new planter looks great and should last a lot longer for everyone to enjoy for many years to come. 

Hallen Village Community Group

Every year, the committee plants more spring bulbs to add colour to the village and to encourage villagers to take more of an interest in their local surroundings. They also hold an annual plant sale in the village hall to help fund other projects around the community, such as the village quarterly newsletter, keeping villagers updated on local events and issues. Most of the plants are grown locally and any left are donated to local schools or planted in the village.

The committee has also improved the village green where the war memorial was re-sited after the closure of the church and school. The committee has cut back the overgrown areas and introduced some plants. They are looking to improve the area around the memorial by adding topsoil and reseeding.

hallen village community groupCarole Moorlen & husband Steve pictured putting the B&A sponsorship plaque on the planter.

History of Hallen

Hallen lies on the edge of the Severn flood plain and is now sandwiched between the M49 and M5 motorways.  The word ‘Hallen’ is old Saxon, meaning ‘the village’ or ‘place of salt’. Originally, the village’s main income was through the harvesting of watercress. This came to an end in around 1915, when the construction of a railway embankment cut off the natural spring that fed the watercress fields.

During the 19th and early 20th centuries, the village was a popular stop off point for travellers making their way from the South West to the Aust ferry, which would cross the River Severn to Wales. There were three inns in the village, one with its own brewery. The brewery structure is still visible today attached to the last remaining pub, The King William IV.  The village also boasted its own church and school.

A large underground petroleum storage facility was built into the hillside behind the village during World War II, to provide protection from German bombing. The facility is still in use today.

The aftermath of the First World War saw the biggest single wave of public commemoration ever with tens of thousands of memorials erected across England. One such memorial was erected in 1921 at Hallen, to commemorate the twelve men of the village who died during the conflict. It was unveiled on 27 April 1921. During the second half of the C20, the memorial was moved a short distance to the south-east from its original location in front of St John’s Church.


The Hallen Village Committee would like to invite everyone to their annual Horticultural Show on Sunday 1st September.


Bristol and Avon wish Hallen Village Community Group every success with their future projects and look forward to working with them again soon.


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