B&A Sponsor Meningitis Now in Spectacular Charity Event

B&A Sponsor Meningitis Now in Spectacular Charity Event

B&A Group is proud to have been part of the Amazing South Glos Show, along with Meningitis Now volunteers, a 2-day event that was able to raise £3572 for a good cause! The money was earned through the sale of raffle tickets, the winner of which would get to demolish the amazing sand sculpture.



The raffle also had some other excellent prizes for winners to take home with them.



Meningitis Now was fortunate enough to be chosen by the event organisers, Darren Hawkins and his team, as the main charity of the event, and the organisation also donated £1500 in profits from the VIP sponsorship packs on sale. At B&A Group, we are proud to have had yet another opportunity to aid this great organisation in coming one step closer to a universal vaccination for meningitis.


B&A Group would also like to extend a huge thank you to Travart, the organisation responsible for creating the incredible sand sculpture that was featured at this magnificent event, as well as their kindness in donating all of the money raised through their workshops to the primary charity organisation of the event, Meningitis Now.


The event also featured an exhilarating show for entertainment: the Flying Ryan Motorbike stunt show. Flying Ryan, the star of the show, lost a child to meningitis 22 years ago, so this event and its purpose were very personal to him. Bristol & Avon provided a car for the stuntman to jump over, and fortunately both survived the event unscathed, much to the enjoyment of those watching the show.


BBC Bristol was another organisation was involved in the event, and they were very helpful in boosting the sale of raffle tickets throughout the 2-day event by encouraging guests to visit the stand.


Overall, the event was a tremendous success, and B&A Group is honoured to have been a part of it and play our role in being active participants in the community. We are thrilled by the funds that were raised during this outstanding 2-day event, and we are extremely supportive of the cause that these funds are being allocated towards. We have participated in several events alongside Meningitis Now, and are proud to be a positive influence in the effort towards furthering treatment for the condition.


We here at B&A Group had a fantastic weekend at the Amazing South Glos Show, and look forward to the festivities taking place next year. The event was a great opportunity to raise awareness about meningitis and its effects in the community, especially as many people who have been affected by meningitis took part in the event and shared their stories. This spurred everyone on to put in their best effort to reach the £100,000 target. The funds that we helped to raise at this event will be used by Meningitis Now to fund another 2 years of research at the University of Bristol. This will hopefully facilitate progress to finding a universal vaccine that will cover every strain of this horrible disease.


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