Spring arrives with new Scania tippers for B&A

Spring arrives with new Scania tippers for B&A

The new Scania vehicles form part of the B&A fleet

All of the team at Bristol & Avon Transport and Recycling have not only been looking forward to the onset of spring, but also to the delivery of five brand new Scania XT G500 tippers to further improve the fleet. 

Arriving on a wet and windy March day the vehicles are now working hard servicing the needs of clients in Bristol and its surrounding area.

“As part of our on-going investment in plant and machinery we are pleased to have invested in the Scania XT”, says Transport Manager Kevin Bogira.  “We pride ourselves in investing in the latest and most efficient technology. The Scania XT with SAP, driver support and predictive cruise control is ideal for the job, helping us in both the profitability and efficiency of our business.”

Marc Large, Operations Manager comments, “the Scania G500 XT is the top of its class having many improvements from its predecessor and to use the Scania acronym, is eXTra tough, robust in design and importantly designed with fuel efficiency in mind. The XT is ideal for our needs, with a 500 horse power engine and GRS905 gearbox. And, the XT is light, precise and manoeuvrable enabling us to easily access arduous and uneven ground.”

The ecological efficiency of the vehicles has been highlighted by B&A

Ecological efficency

Peter Lipowski, one of our highly experienced drivers currently celebrating his fifth anniversary at B&A remarks: “The powerful engine and automatic transmission improves both the economic and ecological efficiency of the vehicle, especially in our case where a lot of the work takes place in and about the crowded streets of the city centre.”

Working closely with Paul Lewis at our local Scania dealership ensures we are provided with the best tools for the job. Paul, Scania’s New Sales Executive comments: “The Scania XT range is ready to take on the toughest of challenges, boasting a tough exterior including steel bumper, robust rear-view mirrors, suspension designed for heavy duty usage and headlamp protection.”

The XT boasts a futuristic cab interior and driver comfort second to none, says Marc. “The larger cabin makes the driver feel comfortable,” adds Peter. “The controls for the radio, gearbox and engine retarder are placed next to the steering wheel, not having to take my hands of the wheel gives a safer ride but above all with a lower dashboard and smaller A frame there is superb visibility from the cab, improving the safety of the drive’.

‘Superb cabin’

Marc continues: “The superb sleeper cabin allows Bristol and Avon to go where the work is, broadening our outlook and service to our clients whilst taking care of our valued drivers.” Kevin Marshall having spent quite a few nights in the new XT explains: “There is plenty of storage, the night heater is extremely quiet, and the mattress is thick and twice the size of the previous model.  The interior is stylish and up to date, with blue-tooth for hands free, a fantastic stereo and luxurious sleeping accommodation – the XT has clearly been designed to take care of the driver.”

The modern cab is proving popular with drivers

Having tested many vehicles Peter comments: “I would definitely place the Scania G500 XT at the top of my personal list, it is certainly being noticed by everyone both on the road and on construction sites, the new look of the cabin attracts the eyes of others.”

Over the last few weeks the XT has been put through its paces by our dedicated drivers and as the expression goes ‘has hit the ground running’ and is a big hit with Marc, Kevin and all our drivers. We are both pleased and proud to have the XT join our family owned fleet.

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