The New B&A Group Office Building Nearing Completion

The New B&A Group Office Building Nearing Completion

B&A Group is extremely excited and proud to announce that installation of our brand new office building will be complete in 5 days.  As we approach this new chapter with a sense of optimism and determination to continue expanding upon our values of functionality, efficiency, environmental responsibility, and much more, we want to keep our clients informed and updated regarding our goals for the future.

 Urban Space Management has been commissioned to design our new office building, which is located at Severn Road, Hallen in Bristol. This building is going to stand as part of the new B&A headquarters, and has been designed with our values in mind in every aspect of the development process. We have taken special care to ensure that every part of the new building design for our headquarters has been rooted in decisions intended to help us continue to promote environmental sustainability, functionality, productivity, and so much more. These values are among some of the most important aspects of why we chose to work with Urban Space Management on this project, a trusted company well known for developing Container City, a building located at Trinity Bouy Wharf at London Docklands. The sustainable solutions for building design that Urban Space Management embodies matches flawlessly with our morals at B&A Group. We understand the importance of being mindful of the environment, which is why we always use sustainable practices wherever possible. The development of the new building for our headquarters was no such exception, and we took the most eco-friendly route available to us.

The new building is made from new & used shipping containers, furthering our dedication to environmental responsibility while also lending itself gracefully to the type of business we run. The new building has been designed to provide us with a quick office solution, offering our company and staff a functional, spacious and stylish headquarters to work in and run our operations through. The new headquarters building will provide our company and staff the opportunity to be more productive as a result of the increased functionality of the building’s design.  Architect Rupert Wheeler of Mckenzie Wheeler of London has worked tirelessly on the design of this building in order to make it every bit as magnificent as we had hoped, and his efforts have paid off.

Inspired by Hall & Wood House at Portishead Quay and London’s similar developments such as the Roundhouse Theatre Project in Camden, this building is a sight to behold. Visible from the M49, we hope to contribute an attractive architectural addition to the area while providing our company at B&A an effective headquarters to complete our operations through.

As we get closer and closer to the debut of our new building, B&A are eager to use the opportunities brought about by this new building to expand our operations, increase our productivity, and continue providing a valuable service to our clients time and time again. As this new chapter at B&A draws near, we want to reinstate our dedication to quality to all of our customers in everything we do.

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