Update On Major Projects | Newsletter 2019

B&A lorries project

Copart Project 

B&A Group have been heavily involved in delivering Copart’s Vehicle Depot Expansion for Avonmouth.  Working closely with Principal Contractor Vanguard and developers Copart, B&A Group provided a range of services including production of a Construction Environmental Management Plan enabling Ecological Appraisals for planning requirements for this 12 Hectare Site. Our highly experience team provided site preparation, vegetation clearance, subsoil importation, placement and compaction, aggregate importation, placement and compaction, bulk earthworks, topsoil removal and surveying.

In just eight weeks we achieved site preparation of 100,000 m2 or over 16 football pitches, the creation of new 90,000 m2 compound area for vehicle storage with imported subsoil and aggregates, both quarried and recycled.  We also handled the importation of 87,000 tons of aggregates and created screening bunds on-site.

Balla Park formerly known as Willow Farm

Located just off Severn Road in a prime location next to B&A Group Headquarters, Balla Park is ideally situated for quick and easy access to both M4, M5, Avonmouth and all roads in and out of Bristol.  With a dedicated estate road, the land now benefits from all access and service infrastructure.

B&A Group are currently looking for further tenants to let our Balla Park plots. B&A Group offers flexible terms and plots to suit occupiers’ requirements. This is an excellent leasehold opportunity, so do get in touch if you or someone you know is interested in letting a plot. Please contact clare@bristolandavon.co.uk.

Mount Park

B&A Group are working with Mountpark Logistics in the construction of Mountpark Bristol XL, this scheme aims to provide the next generation of warehouse accommodation with units ranging from 172,000 to 882,000 square feet, tailored units and single units over 1,000,000 square feet.

B&A Group have been awarded a bespoke Environmental Permit, allowing the importation of 200,000m3 of suitable subsoil material, around 25,000 deliveries of topsoil, creating a development platform which will raise the site above flood risk levels whilst showcasing our commitment to sustainable development, reducing the use of raw aggregate and re-covering material to ensure it is diverted from disposal.

We are pleased that this project has allowed us to work with an excellent team of ecologists, landscape architects, utilities consultants and developers. It is of utmost importance to maintain the Newt fencing around the site, effectively project managing different service divisions, including the Sharpness water main and a Wales & West gas pipe. Our experienced and talented project team are doing an excellent job in operating the site and overseeing the project as a whole.

Taylor Wimpey/Bellway Parklands, Weston-super-Mare

Residential building companies Taylor Wimpey and Bellway employed B&A Group to conduct land raising and preload operations on their 223-home development to the south of Weston-super-Mare. The total site is part of a new community infrastructure of mixed-use development, comprising of 1,150 residential dwellings, commercial and public open spaces. B&A Group have been heavily involved in the preload site preparation and reduction of flood risk to the development involving the importation of CL;AIRE DoW CoP.

UWE Hillside Gardens, Bristol

Hillside Garden is part of UWE Bristol Sport and provides pitch facilities for UWE Bristol sports teams.  B&A Group will be importing approximately 60,000 m3 of clean subsoil to create a landscape bund to screen the M32 from the sports facility, improving the health and environment for all users.

Working alongside UWE, B&A Group will be managing the importation, compaction and landscaping of the bund whilst ensuring there is little disruption to both residents and the environment.  To alleviate potential conflicts, B&A Group are employing traffic management, on site wheel wash, tractor with bowser and a road sweeper, with a dedicated site management team monitoring activity.

Exeter University

This project saw B&A Group working on behalf of Vincii Construction and Churngold Construction. The project involved the mammoth effort of removing 53,000 m3 of subsoil to create levels for the construction of eight halls of residence.

B&A Group were responsible for the disposal of the subsoil material from the main dig, requiring detailed knowledge of regional disposal facilities and local haulers’, calling on our staff knowledge and experience to marshal, at the project’s peak, 30 tipper vehicles removing a significant number of loads a day from site. This project required careful management to provide a safe and coordinated operation that saw a total of 6,767 vehicle movements.

You can find out more about the project on the University of Exeter website.