Adam Roche – ADR Tippers

Adam Roche – ADR Tippers


Adam worked for Bristol and Avon for around a year. This February Adam formed his own company ADR Tippers and is now working for us as a subcontractor.

We were delighted when Adam contacted us wishing to donate £1 per load to Meningitis Now, so matching our pledge to donate £1.00 per load from our branded Meningitis Now truck. Adam say’s:

‘My father, at the age of three contracted Meningitis and whilst his memory is a little vague he remembers being told how lucky he was to have survived, as the knowledge of the infection in 1949 was far less than it is today. Now in 2017 our knowledge of Meningitis is much greater, but despite the fact that public awareness of such a devastating illness is much better, it still remains deadly to people of all ages. ADR Tippers are supporting Meningitis Now and Bristol & Avon in their pledge of £100k, by donating £1 from every load carried whilst working on their behalf.’

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In the last two months Adam delivered 267 loads for Bristol and Avon, that is a fantastic £267 towards our pledge of £100,000. Adam is passing through our weighbridge continually, so we are looking forward to next month’s load count.

All at Bristol and Avon wish Adam, ADR Tippers great success in his new venture. 

Adam R MCU

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