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B&A Group Screened Topsoil Bristol
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Top Soil

We currently provide certified and screened topsoil from our own soil and aggregate production facility in Bristol. Our ‘as dug’ topsoil complies with British Standard BS3882. Our topsoil can be used for a variety of landscaping and civil engineering applications. We offer collection or delivery options throughout Bristol and the South West.

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Topsoil delivery in Bristol & the South West

Call us now on 0117 982 9561 and select option 2 to talk about how we can help you with your top soil needs.

From large scale projects to smaller developments, our certified and screened topsoil is of the highest possible quality and fully compliant with British Standards.

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Ashley Bruno Group Sales Director
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B&A Group Chris Jury
Chris Jury Technical Sales Representative
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What is Topsoil?

Topsoil is the uppermost level of a soil profile, above the subsoil. The topsoil level typically measures between two and eight inches in depth. It is the most fertile soil level as it is where the majority of plant and biological activity occurs, leaving a quantity of organic matter.

Quality Screened Topsoil

B&A Group supply topsoil for both commercial and domestic projects. Our topsoil can be supplied in 5-20 tonne loose tipper loads. If you need help calculating the amount of topsoil your project requires, B&A Group’s expert Transport team can assist you with this. We can supply extra large quantities for large scale commercial projects. You can choose to collect your order from our facility, or we can arrange to have it delivered to your project. We can also provide hassle-free top soil removal from your project site using our grab hire service.

Our screened soil is chemically clean and blended with compost for a superior nutrient content, to help support healthy plant growth. Our soil experts ensure our topsoil is clear of toxic or hazardous material, in strict compliance with the British Standard.

Topsoil is full of vital nutrients and consists of high levels of organic matter, making it the ideal solution for a range of project needs.

Commercial Topsoil

For large scale commercial landscaping projects, our topsoil can be used to improve the soil and level the ground before planting or turf is laid. Topsoil can even be used to improve drainage, which is especially useful where the existing subbase is clay based.

Top Soil for Domestic Use

For home developers or smaller companies working on domestic landscaping, topsoil is useful for patching damaged or bare lawns, repairing or replacing divots and general garden landscaping where existing soil is of poor quality or too thin.

Our topsoil products are available from stock for any job size, ranging from a single load to several thousand tonnes.

B&A Group are dedicated to promoting sustainable soil reuse. To find out more about our sustainability efforts, contact a member of our team today.