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B&A Group Contaminated Material Removal Bristol
Transport & Recycling

Hazardous Waste Removal

At B&A Group we offer a complete solution for your hazardous waste management. We organise the removal and treatment of contaminated material from your site in order to fulfill your project requirements. Our team of qualified and experienced experts are able to quickly identify a compliant and cost effective solution to remove various types of hazardous waste.

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Certified hazardous material removal services in Bristol & the South West

Call us now on 0117 982 9561 and select option 2 to discuss your contaminated material removal requirements.

We offer a complete solution when helping clients meet their site development obligations. Our staff are fully qualified to arrange the removal of a wide range of hazardous materials, strictly adhering to all regulatory requirements.

B&A Group Ashley Bruno
Ashley Bruno Group Sales Manager
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B&A Group Chris Jury
Chris Jury Technical Sales Representative
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B&A Group Ben Higham
Ben Higham Head of B&A Land Regeneration Division
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Non-hazardous and hazardous material removal services

Many sites come with a commercial or industrial history and require thorough assessment and treatment before they are ready to be developed. It is therefore essential that any contaminated material is safely removed and treated, leaving the site ready for development.

We offer a complete contaminated material removal solution for clients across Bristol & the South West. Covering a wide range of both non-hazardous and hazardous materials, including:

  • Soil & Hardcore
  • Tarmac (coal tar)
  • Asbestos contaminated soils
  • Invasive Species (eg. Japanese Knot weed)

It’s vital to protect yourself and your employees against harmful chemicals on site. Fortunately, you can rely on B&A Group for swift, effective removal of hazardous material from your construction site.

We own and operate a bespoke soil and aggregates processing facility, which accepts a range of inert and non-hazardous materials for treatment and recovery or safe disposal.

Responsible management of contaminated material

We endeavour to divert as much material from landfill as possible to meet our high sustainability objectives. Our clients have complete assurance that any contaminated material will be dealt with responsibly and at a competitive price. Our team of highly experienced experts receive, store, treat and recover hazardous material safely and in line with our environmental and sustainability principles.

B&A Group Material Management Bristol

Lockleaze, Bristol

Land South of Morris Road, Lockleaze, Bristol , Renelec Groundworks Ltd

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Virador Clugston Avonmouth B&A Group

Viridor Energy Recovery Facility

Avonmouth , Clugston Group

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Complete solution for soil testing, analysis and removal

Prior to undertaking a project, it’s essential to correctly classify all soils in order to create the necessary arrangements for safe removal. At B&A Group, we are proud to offer a complete soil testing and assessment solution for your development, with accredited experts and laboratory testing. Soil testing informs material characterisation and the development of a bespoke solution for each project.

Asbestos Impacted Soils

From undertaking initial soil sampling, to qualitative and quantitative analysis, agreeing a remedial strategy and plan of work through to implementing remediation, B&A’s team of trained, competent staff and supply chain can manage the challenge of asbestos in soil contamination and enable the safe and sustainable redevelopment of your brownfield site.

Our Accreditations

Our experienced staff hold a wide range of industry qualifications and charterships, including:

  • BSc MSci
  • PhD
  • CSci
  • CIWM

We are also corporate members of CL:AIRE (Contaminated Land: Applications in Real Environments). So, you can trust B&A Group for all your contaminated material removal requirements.

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