B&A Group Has a New Fleet of Sleeper Cabs

B&A Group Has a New Fleet of Sleeper Cabs

B&A Group are pleased to announce the debut of our new 2016 8 wheel Scania sleeper cabs fitted with Charlton/Thompson tipper bodies. With these new vehicles also come many new innovations in store for our company. These vehicles are going to aid in increasing the speed and efficiency at which we operate. The new vehicles for our drivers allows us to increase the amount of materials we take in, as well as to expand the areas we service to customers and access farther reaching locations.

How B&A’s New Vehicles Promote Growth and Expansion

Scania has built vehicles we could trust here at B&A time and time again for many years now, due to their fuel efficiency, comfort, horsepower and ability to cater to both on and off roading tasks. Because of that long-standing relationship, we continue to rely on Scania’s trustworthy models with this new addition to our fleet to bring reliable, responsible services that will meet our customers’ needs. As we are quickly growing and becoming a market leader in the south west for tipper hire and producers of quality recycled aggregates, we are in need of a lorry fleet that will enhance our services. Furthermore, Scania supplied us with a G 450 eight-wheeler with Quarry Master tipper body in Avonmouth, Bristol. It features a 450 horsepower Euro 6 engine that has been breaking records in fuel consumption in independently conducted press tests throughout Europe.

Because of the superiority of these Scalia models, our drivers are able to easily handle them and take advantage of their full functionality. The level of comfort they provide as sleeper cabs also allows us to expand the geographical area we can extend our services to.

The Charlton tipper bodies of these vehicles offer an enhanced level of durability. These new 2016 models will last B&A for years to come, allowing us to continue expanding our services and providing new clients with the top notch quality B&A strives for in everything that we do.

The new vehicles B&A has recently come into possession of are of the utmost quality, and vehicles of this type have already proved themselves time and time again within our operations. Thanks to this new development, B&A consumers can be confident about the upcoming innovations, including increased efficiency and expansion for our company—while still holding true to the values we have held since the founding of our company, including environmental responsibility and quality.

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