B&A’s New Meningitis Lorry

B&A’s New Meningitis Lorry

Men Now ELSThe Bristol and Avon Group have pledged to raise £100K to Meningitis Now to fund research into a vaccine to eradicate all strains of Meningitis.

B&A have vowed such a large donation due to their personal connection to Steve Dayman MBA, the founder of Meningitis Now whose son was tragically lost to this devastating disease. Steve was a friend of our founder, the late Jimmy Berkely.

Men Now LS1

Bristol and Avon have been raising money in several ways including:

  • Events held at Bristol and Avon such as various raffles, a Halloween pop up café and even salary pledges.
  • Fun days like our Christmas Jumper day!
  • Attending local events like the South Gloucester Show where we support the community whilst raising awareness of our chosen charity.
  • Sponsoring our employees in their personal challenges
  • And not to forget our dedicated rebranded Meningitis lorry.


Our new Meningitis Lorry will help us in our £100k pledge by donating £1.00 per load that this branded lorry undertakes. The original charity lorry was created in 2015 and raised £4,100 in the 2 years before it was replaced!

Pitre L! (1)

We now have brand new vehicle on the roads sporting the Meningitis Now logo. The new design and graphics were created by ZEST, a Bristol based company in Ashton.

Our new lorry is working really hard with its dedicated driver Piotr Lipowski who has been with B&A for 4 years. Piotr kindly pulled over from his extremely busy schedule for me to take pictures of our new super Meningitis Lorry.

Look out for Piotr and his lorry busily working around Bristol and surrounding areas to help in raising money to eradicate this pernicious disease.


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