Bristol and Avon Transport Supported Meningitis Now at Tesco Last Week

Bristol and Avon Transport Supported Meningitis Now at Tesco Last Week

Meningitis Now

As many of you are aware, B&A Group has teamed up with Meningitis Now to fund research regarding the spread of meningitis in the UK. With the help of our clients and customers, we’re making a meaningful contribution to the eradication of this disease.


Last week, two of our staff members set up a fun children’s stall at the entrance to Tesco in Yate, Bristol. Clare Berkely and Karen Whitmore were there on 24 March from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, painting faces, giving glitter tattoos and hosting an Easter egg competition for children. All of the proceeds we raised went directly to Meningitis Now; and the total for the day reached £400!


As you can see from the photos, the event was a real success! We’d like to offer a sincere thanks to those who pitched in, donating their time and money to this important cause. Without the help of our staff, donors and organisations like Tesco, events like this simply wouldn’t be possible.

Taking the Pledge with Meningitis Now

Those who follow our blog know how excited we are to be able to support Meningitis Now. Meningitis is a relatively rare disease, but it has devastating effects for those who fall victim to it. Meningitis Now seeks a future in which no one in the UK needs to lose their life due to this disease, and where everyone who is affected by it gets the support needed to rebuild their lives in its wake.


We’ve pledged to raise £100,000 over the course of 18 months, and we’ll be organising several more events in the future. So stay tuned to our blog for updates. With your support, we can help create a future in which no one loses their life to meningitis in the UK.


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