Introducing the CAT D6T

Introducing the CAT D6T

Earlier this year, we added a new member to our fleet of vehicles. The new CAT D6T looks impressive, as witnessed by many people who visited us at the Berkeley Show last month. Now back at our headquarters in Hallen, the D6T is proving a valuable addition to our fleet.

Features of the CAT D6T

With a fully automatic four-speed transmission and lock-up clutch torque divider, the D6T offers up to 30% savings on fuel efficiency without surrendering yield, durability, power or performance.  ‘The D6T is easy to operate whilst being both agile and responsive’, observes Kevin Bogira our Transport Manager.

The automatic transmission and lock-up clutch torque driver optimizes the efficiency of the machine.  Once a ground speed is established the tractor will automatically choose the optimal gear and engine speed, more torque required the D6T automatically downshifts and the clutch disengages to allow the engine speed to increase. Likewise, if the blade load decreases the ground speed rises and the lock-up clutch engages causing the transmission to automatically upshift to reduce engine speed and minimize fuel consumption allowing the driver to concentrate on the job at hand.

The D6 offers many integrated technologies, with slope assist helping drivers by automatically maintaining pre-set blade positions, saving time, finish quality and reduces operator input allowing experienced drivers to work more productively and those less experienced to achieve better results more quickly. Similarly, the Cat Slope Indicate, Cat Stable blade, Cat Grade with 3D and Catt AccuGrade are welcome additions to this impressive machine.

The drivers are also considered with many driver comforts included.  The colour liquid crystal displays are placed directly in front of the operator, flare resistant and easy to read in all lighting conditions, allowing the driver to monitor the operation whilst allowing excellent visibility over the hood.

As for the undercarriage, an elevated sprocket design protects major components from hard impacts. The blade, which proved so popular at the Berkeley Show and was signed by many visitors, is fitted with variable pitch angle which allows the driver to hydraulically adjust lift, angle and tilt to maximize the productivity of the blade. The D6T has been working hard, there are no signatures left!


This impressive piece of equipment, bought from our local Finning dealer, comes with a three year, 6,000-hour EPP Premier guarantee to coincide with a 3 year, 6000-hour full preventative maintenance service agreement. Fitted with an award-winning fleet management system, ‘Vision Link’ allows us and Finning’s Finsight team to monitor the equipment for operator errors and component failures before they occur. 

Rikki Edwards, Finning’s Product Account Manager comments, ‘We can monitor how many hours in a week the equipment is working, how many of those hours are spent idling enabling us to monitor efficiency and utilization of the working hours. The system flags up any fault codes allowing us to service the vehicle before any permanent damage is done. If the alert is of a medium/high severity a member of the Finsight team will provide feedback under the condition monitoring subscription’.

Kevin Bogira adds, ‘Here at B&A we pride ourselves in investing in the latest and most efficient technology. Those incorporated within the CAT D6T enables us to hit our target grades faster and importantly accurately, allowing us to utilize our drivers efficiently so saving time and increasing revenues.  The D6T is an important and welcome addition to our fleet’.



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