Domestic Skip Hire: Do’s and Don’ts!

Domestic Skip Hire: Do’s and Don’ts!

I have just been helping out in our Skip and Waste department based on Ironchurch Road in Avonmouth. Paul our Weighbridge Operator insisted on going on his honeymoon with his wife! Not only have I thoroughly enjoyed being in Waste, as many of my friends have intimated for years, I have learnt quite a few things from Chris our Transport Logistics Manager that I thought would be useful to pass on to help you through the process of ordering a B&A skip. B&A Group operates throughout Bristol and its surrounding area, offering a stress-free, cost-effective and friendly service. We are a family owned business that strongly believes in excellent customer service.



Order your skip in advance: Whilst Chris always tries to accommodate those last-minute requests, logistically it is often quite difficult to deliver at the last minute. Routes, deliveries and pickups are planned in advance. We at B&A would not like to disappoint you.

What you intend to put in your skip will help you decide just what size of skip you require. If you have any doubts the friendly and knowledgeable Chris is always happy to advise.

Skip Sizes: 4 Yard Skip A large domestic armchair would fill this skip or around 45 filled black dustbin liners.

6 Yard Skip: This is the most common sized skip and can accommodate around 65 filled black dustbin liners. This is also the largest skip we can supply for hardcore or soil (heavy waste). It can hold up to 6 tonnes of waste and is ideal for digging footings etc.

8 Yard Skip: Ideal for bulky items or a kitchen and bathroom refit. If you have heavy waste like soil and hardcore it can only be filled to the halfway mark. Around 80 filled black dustbin liners or a three-piece suite.

The 4, 6 and 8-yard skips are suitable for general waste, garden waste, furniture, wood, plasterboard, glass, hardcore waste and soil. The disposal of Asbestos can be accommodated but please discuss this first with Chris. There are also 10,12 and 16-yard skips available. These skips are more suitable for big, lightweight items. These would be useful on a house clearance or for clearing large amounts of green waste. There are some guide prices on our website, but these are only that. We will give you a price specific to your waste type when you call to book, so please bear this in mind.


All skips placed on the public highway require a permit. If there is no room on your driveway or within your property you are required to have a permit from the council. There is a small cost which varies from council to council. Here at B&A we are happy to arrange this for you, but there is often a short delay for a permit to be issued.

Our drivers are skilled and experienced but there are limitations, they need to be able to manoeuvre the trucks and skips into place safely. We need a minimum of 3m width to get a truck in and out, they are approximately 9m long. So, have a think. What is the access like to your property? Back lanes can be an issue as can be neighbour’s cars parked opposite your driveway or access. Bear in mind overhanging trees or any other object that could restrict the movement of our vehicles.

Every possible care will be taken by our drivers when placing a skip on your property, but it is possible that damage may occur to driveways or paths if the skip is heavy when we pick it up. The vehicle and skip can weigh up to 18 tonnes, so you may want to consider this when planning the siting of your skip.

We cannot be held responsible for damage caused when placing a skip off the highway at your request. Also, we cannot drive across grass or mud as the vehicle will sink and at best damage the area, or worst get stuck and require recovery.

over filled skip


Don’t overfill the skip. Make sure you have the right size of Skip. It is often wise to order a skip slightly larger than you think you need. Skips should only be filled to be level to the top of the container and weight limits need to be taken into consideration. Although this is very tempting to add those extra items this could cause the vehicle to exceed legal weight limits, or make the load unsafe to transport and our driver would be unable to remove the skip.

Under no circumstance try and move the skip yourself. If you need it repositioned please just call. B&A are unable to accept: There are certain items that now need to be recycled in a specific way or are covered by regulation so unfortunately, we are unable to accept:

  • Mattresses
  • Fridges/freezers
  • Gas Bottles/Pressurised Containers
  • Batteries
  • Computers
  • Oil or flammable liquids of any sort Tyres.
  • Paint tins containing liquid and other containers containing solvents. 

I hope you have found this brief guide useful. For further information and costings please visit our website or call us on 0117 982 9561, Option 1. Whether you are requiring a skip for a construction project, garden or garage clearance, Chris and his team are there to help and advise.



B&A are regulated by: WEEE for further information please visit:

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