Halloween Lunch for Meningitis Now

Halloween Lunch for Meningitis Now

Halloween Final Poster

Here at Bristol and Avon we hosted a Pop Up Café, this time for Halloween. We raised over £200 for our nominated charity, Meningitis Now, our pledged to raise £100K. We are now just over the half way mark, around £52,000.

The line of slow cookers was truly impressive, we had a visitor watching over them! Strangely only visible in the photographs once taken, spooky! Thank you to everyone who made the day so successful.

Particularly, thank you so very much to those who did all the hard work:

  • Pete who did the Chicken Curry and Wicked Chili Chocolate Brownies.
  • Mandy T who made Sausage Casserole.
  • Clare with a Beef Casserole and ghostly rosemary shortcake.
  • Jade’s Halloween Lasagne.
  • Karen W with a healthy Chili!!
  • Nicky & Clare who made rolls for Britain, to put into the Weighbridge. Also, thank you to Connie our fab weighbridge operator for doing the selling. 
  • Deb’s for the Cheeses. · Steph for all the cakes she provided from Bettys Tea Rooms. ·
  • Steve for his contribution of evil cakes from Aldi.

We all have very busy work and home schedules, so to take the time out and make this wonderful food in a bid to raise funds for Meningitis Now is really greatly appreciated.

Nicky won the Carved Pumpkin competition, a bottle of Clare’s Sloe Gin, as did Ashley and Clare B, who could not prize the pumpkins from their children’s little hands, but did provide photographic evidence of their artistic endeavours.

Not only do we have fun when we ‘pop up’ for lunch but it is great to raise funds for Meningitis Now. We will be ‘popping up’ again, just before Christmas

Learn more about Meningitis Now here: https://www.meningitisnow.org/ 

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