Investment in New Weighsoft Software

Investment in New Weighsoft Software

As part of B&A Group’s ongoing investment programme, we are pleased to announce our latest investment – an innovative software that will enhance our operations and help us better serve our clients.

Created by ISYS Interactive Systems Limited, Weighsoft is a management software, designed specifically for waste management industries. ISYS specialises in comprehensive, simple to use, tailored solutions that deliver excellent results. Weighsoft will allow B&A Group’s operations to go paperless, making all lorry movements and associated paperwork completely digital. Not only will this investment help us improve our environmental impact, but it will also help streamline our work, by providing more sophisticated real-time performance and management information. Weighsoft 5 will benefit all operational and administration departments, offering improved communication with our workforce, supplier and customers.

With real-time analysis of active contracts, data can be used to help us in developing our services and will add to our ongoing commitment to delivering high levels of customer service. With Weighsoft, customers can easily view their orders, invoices, dispatches and transactions online, and even generate their own reports.

The project will be headed by our Accounts Department Manager, Peter Denyard. We hope it will be fully implemented by March 2020.

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