Investment in Plant & Machinery | Newsletter 2019

Scania XT G500

B&A Group brand new scania tippers

Earlier this year and arriving on a wet and windy March day our new fleet of Scania XT G500 have been working hard and are now a familiar sight servicing the needs of our clients in and around Bristol.

B&A Group’s Operations Manager Marc Large comments, “The Scania G500 XT is the top of its class, is extra tough, robust and importantly designed with fuel efficiency in mind. The XT is ideal for our exacting needs, with a 500-horsepower engine and GRS905 gearbox, the XT is light, precise and maneuverable.”

Piotr Lipowski, one of B&A Group’s highly experienced drivers says, “I would definitely place the Scania G500 XT at the top of my personal list, it is certainly being noticed by everyone both on the road and on construction sites, the new look of the cabin attracts the eyes of others.”

Working closely with Paul Lewis, at our local Scania dealership, ensures we are provided with the best tools for the job and their support is second to none. Paul remarks, “The Scania XT range is ready to take on the toughest of challenges.”

Over recent months our fleet of XTs have been put through their paces and have ‘hit the ground running’. The XT is a big hit with Marc, Kevin and all our drivers. We are both pleased and proud to have the XT join our family owned fleet.

Transport Manager Kevin Bogira comments, “It is important we stay ahead of the game.  As part of our ongoing investment in plant and machinery we are pleased to have invested in both the Scania XT and CAT D6T.” 


B&A Group CAT D6T dozer Crossing the fields to the showground

For its first day at work, our new CAT D6T became a bit of a star, appearing at the Berkeley Show in June providing a very popular draw as hundreds of people signed the blade for good luck, including the Funky Farmer and many of our friends and family.

After its first day at work, hardly a signature was visible as the D6T worked hard on one of our sites in Weston.  With a fully automatic four-speed transmission and lock-up clutch torque divider, the D6T offers large savings on fuel efficiency without surrendering yield, durability, power or performance. “The D6T is easy to operate whilst being both agile and responsive,” observes Kevin Bogira.

This impressive piece of equipment, bought from our local Finning dealer, comes with many integrated technologies, including slope assist helping drivers maintain pre-set blade positions, the undercarriage has an elevated sprocket design protecting major components from hard impacts and the blade is fitted with variable pitch angle which allows the driver to hydraulically adjust lift, angle and tilt to maximize the productivity of the blade. With a 3 year, 6000-hour full preventative maintenance service agreement, fitted with an award-winning fleet management system, ‘Vision Link’ allows both B&A Group and Finning’s Finsight team to monitor the equipment for operator errors and component failures before they occur.

Kevin Bogira adds, “Here at B&A Group we pride ourselves in investing in the latest and most efficient technology. Those incorporated within the CAT D6T enables us to hit our target grades faster and importantly accurately, allowing us to utilize our drivers efficiently so saving time and increasing revenues.  Both the D6T and Scania XT G500 are an important and welcome addition to our fleet.”