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B&A Group Parklands Earthworks Weston Super Mare
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Mead Fields

Weston Super Mare , Mead Realisations, Taylor Wimpey and Bellway

B&A Group has imported subsoil for two national homebuilders Taylor Wimpey Plc & Bellway Plc and the principal land owner and developer Mead Realisations Ltd (MRL) at this expansive 38-hectare development site. The site is part of a new community infrastructure of mixed-use development. It is to be comprised of 1,150 residential dwellings, care homes, a hotel, offices and industry outlets, a veterinary practice, nursery, leisure facilities, doctor/dental surgery, a community building, convenience shop, primary school, open spaces, multi-use games area, equipped play areas, a tennis court, sports pitches, allotments and an orchard.

Project details
Client Mead Realisations, Taylor Wimpey and Bellway
Dates Nov 2017 - present
Services Acoustic Bunds Bulk Earthmoving Land Raising & Remodelling Pile Mat Installation Flood Protection Reuse of Materials under CL:AIRE DoW CoP

250000 Subsoil imported
200000 Internal soil movements
47000 Tonnes 6F5 imported

Situated in a low-lying flood risk area and with poor quality peat underlying surface soils, a detailed design and strategy was implemented. In addition to increasing ground levels, a separate pre-load (or surcharge) layer was required to compress water out of the peat strata. Settlement stations were installed and carefully monitored to check the behaviour of the site pre-load against predicted models. B&A Group’s role then continued with the bulk cut and fill on-site earthworks after the pre-load phase. 

After cutting the engineering ground to formation, the pile mat works could commence. 

In addition to the ground preparation and earthworks for the low-lying areas there was also a separate challenge – the M5 Noise Defence Bund. 90,000 cubic meters of engineered subsoil stands abreast of the Meadfields development. B&A delivered this mammoth liner bund, stretching over one kilometre protecting residents from the background drone of the busy M5.