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5 important steps to take before you start your home renovation

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Remodelling your home or garden can be exciting, often daunting and sometimes even fun. To minimise the risk of stress to you and your family, there are some steps you must take before you begin. We’ve put together this quick checklist in the hope of saving a few headaches down the line with your renovation.
At B&A Group we offer stress free domestic skip hire in Bristol and the surrounding areas. We deal with a range of clients who are often embarking on an exciting renovation to their home or garden. Sometimes it’s a case of clearing out an old house, or it could be a complete overhaul of their property.

1. Plan
This is an obvious one. You might be the kind of person who makes major changes to their home on a whim, but more than likely you’ll have a pretty good idea of what you plan to do. Ensure you research the task properly. There are lots of free resources at your disposal to help with this. An hour or so trawling the internet can get you tips and advice from across the globe.
Make sure you have a solid idea of what you’d like the finished product to be so you can work backwards from there. Be sure to set yourself an ideal budget with a bit of wriggle room in case something unexpected pops up. You should also have a timeline in mind of how long you’d like the renovation to take.

2. Get the experts in
Checking Youtube for how-to videos is a great place to start, but if you’re remodelling your home, it’s a good idea to seek advice from professionals. Talking your project through with someone who knows their stuff will help to make sure your project is safe, hassle free and will mean you won’t risk breaking any laws regarding planning permission or fire safety etc.

3. Plan again
With the new advice in mind, go back to your original plan and make and necessary tweaks. It might be that you’ll have to rethink everything from the ground up. Don’t be disheartened if this is the case! There are lots of ways you can achieve your dream renovation and it’s always good to catch potential issues before any work has been started.

4. Get the right tools for the task
If you’re planning on carrying out the renovation yourself then at the very least you’ll probably need to raid the tool box – or take a trip to the local DIY store. You’ll also need a way of disposing of any rubble, debris or other waste created by the process. Depending on the scale of the task at hand, we provide a range of hassle free skips for hire.
Even if you’re employing someone to carry out the manual labour, you may still need to hire a skip to allow them to complete the task.

5. Start off small
When you’re happy that your plan is solid, and you’ve prepped enough equipment for all eventualities (or as close to that as possible) then it’s time to get started. It’s pretty good advice not to go straight in with all guns blazing. If possible, get a bit of practise using the equipment. Start off small, build your confidence with the project and then go from there.