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B&A Group’s Sustainability Update 2024

new trees planted

With World Earth Day upon us, B&A Group wanted to reflect on the projects and progress which have further supported our sustainability pledge. We’re pleased to share with you some of the efforts that we have taken over the past year to help the planet and operate in a more green, sustainable way in an attempt to do our part to work towards a better future.

Why is sustainability so important to us?

We are a leading figure in the industry, especially in the South West of England and we take the responsibility that comes with that very seriously. Having such a substantial role to play means we must hold ourselves accountable for not only our direct impact on the planet, but also the example that we are setting for other figures in the industry which is why we are continuously looking for ways to become more sustainable, support crucial development in the movement and always strive to improve further as we continue to grow.

B&A Group has been around for over 30 years and within that time, we have acquired many highly-recognised accreditations which enable us to provide safe working environments as well as operate in a sustainable manner regardless of the size or type of project that we are working on. We are fortunate to have a team of exceptional professionals who hold the same values and level of standards that the company strives to uphold which enables us to deliver a truly bespoke service to our range of clients.

How we deliver sustainable solutions

We do our best to incorporate sustainable solutions in as many areas of the business and daily operations as possible so that we aren’t just being “green” in one area or another, but across our whole range of delivery.

Reuse of Recycled Materials

One of our biggest contributions to being sustainable comes from our effective recovery and waste process which allows us to prevent over a million tonnes of soil and stone from going into landfill each year. This method is beneficial in two ways, it enables us to re-use, recover or recycle waste to reduce the use of raw materials. Thanks to our onsite facilities, we are able to sort and manage materials so that we can offer an end-to-end service for our clients, helping them receive an efficient and sustainable service.

WRAP Certified Recycled Aggregates

Further to the reuse of materials, we are proud to produce WRAP (Waste & Resource Action Programme) certified recycled aggregates which are used in replacement of raw aggregate materials in construction projects. This promotes the circular economy by re-processing aggregates derived from demolition and construction waste. The process includes turning inert waste material into a product which is classified as a waste recovery operation and is subject to the waste management controls set out in the Waste Framework Directive and domestic legislation.

Some key points to note include:

  • Input material must be inert

  • Input materials must be one of the approved materials set out in Appendix C

  • Materials must be processed using via approved standard and factory production control system and comply with the BS EN aggregate standard for its intended use

  • Produced products should be final and require no further processing (including size reduction) before use

  • Producers must keep records of delivery documentation in order to demonstrate compliance

  • Testing plans must be defined and cover the type of test required for each product as well as sampling and testing frequency and these must also be appropriate for the product’s intended use

More information on the protocol and qualifying factors can be found here.

new trees planted in field

Biodiversity Projects

We have recently constructed an 11 hectare storage facility which had a strong biodiversity focus in mind. In order to support a healthy ecosystem, we planted approximately 2,000 trees and shrubs on site as well as replaced hedgerows which helped to improve green corridors at the facility in order to protect local wildlife. In addition to this, we installed various bird and bat boxes throughout the development and created hibernaculas which help to improve wildlife habitats. Another key addition was the inclusion of lighting shields to help minimise light spill in bat sensitive areas to ensure they were not deterred. Finally, a wildlife pond was constructed and adapted to attract various amphibious animals and further diversify the biodiversity opportunities.

Flood Mitigation

As part of our ongoing works on a flood alleviation land raise project, we have completed 3 large attenuation ponds to assist with flood mitigation on site. Effective natural flood management solutions are a sustainable way to reduce the risk of flooding, especially in prone areas whilst also supporting ecosystems and biodiversity.

attenuation pond

Carbon Neutral Commitment

We are currently embarking on our Carbon Neutral journey and have undertaken the initial carbon footprint audit to review our current position as well as identify carbon management objectives which will enable us to work towards our goal of becoming carbon net zero by 2050 and further support our sustainability journey.


It goes without saying that sustainability is important. Whilst we are extremely proud of the progress that we have already made and continue to make as we head into another promising year for sustainable projects, we will continue to improve and develop new and efficient ways to support environmentally friendly solutions within the construction sector. We are proud to have a fantastic team of experts who are equally driven and passionate about delivering a specialised service for our customers which benefits not only them, but the planet as well.

We encourage everyone to reflect on ways in which we can all support the environment, be it on a small scale or something much larger, all contributions have an impact and we must take responsibility to look after our planet and create a greener future for generations to come!