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Brand New B&A Artwork From Local Artist

local artist Abi Murray

We are delighted after months of hard work, to reveal some striking new artwork soon to be adorning the walls here at Bristol & Avon. After moving into our stylish state of the art headquarters made from shipping containers, it was only natural that we would need some eye-catching art to display on the walls. Thanks to wonderful local artist Abi Murray, we now have a set of stunning prints showcasing our building. Find out more about the artist and the project below.

About Abi Murray

Abi is a talented local artist who moved to Bristol in 2010. With a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design and a Bachelor’s Degree in Textile Design, plus several years as a freelance textile designer, Abi has developed a unique style that is truly outstanding. She currently resides in Pill with her husband Will and sells her work online and at local markets.

She has created several collections over the years, one of which features works inspired by vintage style travel posters. The works include the river at Pill and the ‘iconic’ Avonmouth wind turbines. It was these artworks that caught the eye of our company director Clare Berkley.

The Project

Admiring Abi’s prints, we decided to reach out to Abi about commissioning a piece for B&A. While Abi does not usually take on commissions, as soon as she saw our bright orange trucks and brand new headquarters, she was ‘hooked’ and agreed to take on the project, much to our excitement.

Our Marketing Manager, Clare Raby, met with Abi in November and gave her a guided tour of B&A’s headquarters. After the initial meeting, it was decided that a triptych would be commissioned, featuring three different viewpoints of the building. Abi and Clare settled on Giclee prints for the artwork, to create larger pieces for display.

Abi said:

‘After the initial site visit, I was instantly excited by the potential of the imagery I had to work with. The new headquarters made of shipping containers, the vintage trucks dotted around the site, the lines and angles created from different viewpoints and of course the trademark orange which straight away caught my eye!’

Over a period of months and based around several photographs, Abi developed the final images, style and use of colours. Four colours were used in the finished pieces, each complimenting one another. Orange, of course, played a key role!

local artist Abi Murray

Abi recently delivered the finished pieces and they are absolutely fabulous. Each has been framed and is ready to be hung in the upper conference room of our headquarters. The black frames and grey mounts for the pieces came from local business Carey’s of Portishead and will look stunning when hung against the bright orange wall.

Following completion of the project, Abi commented:

‘The imagery of the building and the trucks has been a joy to work with lending itself so well to my natural style of designing. I have felt like we have been on the same page from day one with a vision of strong blocks of colour, fantastic lines and angles and the overall look of the vintage poster style.

The project has been a fantastic opportunity for me to work with this well-respected local company and to design these three A1 prints that will be on display in the conference room at B&A headquarters.’

local artist Abi Murray

Clare Raby added:

“It has been fabulous working with Abi, I hope to be working with her again soon, we here at B&A have so many ideas.”

Thanks so much to Abi for all her hard work. We are truly thrilled with the finished result.