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Bristol and Avon Group support Mountpark Bristol development

Mountpark location

Bristol and Avon Group is working closely with Mountpark Logistics at Mountpark Bristol XL, a 60-acre industrial / logistics development site at Avonmouth with planning consent for up to 1.3 million sq. ft.

As our part in the project nears completion, we wanted to reflect on some of the team’s achievements. We have been importing 200,000m3 of suitable subsoil under an Environment Agency Bespoke Recovery Permit to raise the land above the flood risk. This has been engineered to the client’s specification and has been independently validated by Structural Soils. Recovering this material has meant that over 340,000 tonnes of material has been diverted from landfill and saved the equivalent raw material, conserving a natural resource. Once the project is complete, we would have managed over 50,000 vehicle movements.

Mountpark development

In addition to the land raise we have constructed five large attenuation ponds and four newt ponds which will provide a valuable wildlife habitat which will surround the development.

We have also managed service diversions, constructed a new Fire Track and broken out existing hardstanding for recycling.

We have managed to deliver this project in half the programmed time. This could cause a huge amount of disruption, but both Mountpark and Bristol and Avon Group were determined to ensure that our impact on the environment and the community was minimal. So, we planned the transport logistics and site set up carefully and fully engaged with local businesses and the community, minimising disruption and meeting the Considerate Constructors Code of Practice.

Mountpark Bristol XL is situated in the South West’s prime distribution location, we wish Mountpark Logistics and the project team every success in the next stage of the development.