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Bristol and Avon & Meningitis Now Hot Air Balloon Debut



Cameron Balloons, based in Bristol is a name known across the world. Since 1971 they have produced over 9000 balloons worldwide including Bertie Bassett, Michelin Tyre Man and Rupert Bear, all have been seen in the skies above Bristol. Bristol and Avon are both pleased and excited to announce that one more has been added to this magnificent collection, the Bristol and Avon Meningitis Now Hot Air Balloon.

The Bristol & Avon Group originally founded by Jimmy Berkely and his wife Margaret pledged to help their close friend Steve Dayman MBE the founder of Meningitis Now when he tragically lost his young son Spencer to this pernicious disease. This pledge has been taken up and is being carried forward by the next generation of the Berkely family and all those at Bristol and Avon, our aim, to raise £100,000 to help in the vital research.

The production of this balloon will hopefully take us to ‘greater heights’, pun intended in our aim to raise awareness of this pernicious and deadly disease.

For more information about Meningitis Now, visit:

  • One of our key priorities to raise money to fund research that aims to increase understanding of meningitis and related septicaemia.
  • Fund further pneumococcal meningitis research, which is a life-threatening form of bacterial meningitis. Like other types of meningitis, it can develop quickly and in its early stages may be mistaken for a less serious illness, such as flu. Prevention of disease through vaccination is the most effective way of saving lives.
  • Highlight the amazing work of this fabulous charity.
  • Raise money for research into vaccination program.

In honour of our founder Jimmy Berkely our balloon has been registered G-Jima, Jima being the familiar name, the G is for GB. We are hoping she will become a regular site flying over the city of Bristol with her pilot Rob Clements. Designed in our company colours with B&A Group on one side and Meningitis Now Logo on the other, the balloon is very striking and looks beautiful.

The debut of our new balloon, Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2019. Come and see us at the glow and throughout the weekend. We have our fingers crossed for clement weather.

We’ll also be running a competition to celebrate the launch of our balloon, so keep your eyes peeled on our social media for the announcement!