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Bristol & Avon And R O Donaghey & BAM Construction Collaborate On Twyford Golf Course

Twyford Golf Course

Bristol & Avon Group has been completing work alongside R O Donaghey & BAM Construction to complete projects. The latest project our collaborative efforts have been directed towards is Twyford Golf Course. This project has involved a number of processes to improve the overall quality of the golf course.

The latest portion of this project involves transporting 25,000m3 of inert subsoil to a new driving range at Twyford Golf Course from a new care home development. On a daily basis, 125 loads are being transported between the two locations through the combined efforts of B&A Group and R O Donaghey & BAM Construction.

Twyford Golf Course is a Par 3 golf course with 9 holes, and it also features an all weather driving range for visitors to enjoy. The initial work Bristol & Avon Group was involved in regarding this project included stripping the driving range of its topsoil and stockpiling it for re-use. Bristol & Avon Group has also begun their efforts on the construction of the bunding surrounding the perimeter of the golf course.

Thus far, our efforts have been successful. B&A Group looks forward to the completion of another successful project, and have enjoyed our work with R O Donaghey & BAM Construction.