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Bristol Half Marathon


Bristol Half Marathon Sunday 15th September


  • Helen Griffin – Head of Environmental Operations and Developmentzabela Papros – Transport Administrator.
  • Karolina Kapitanovaite – Transport Administrator.
  • Siobhan Clarke – Administrator.
  • Rob Lewis – Remediation Project Manager.
  • Ben Higham – Commercial Manager.
  • Ashley Bruno – Sales Manager.
  • Dan Pursey – Transport Logistics Assistant
  • Paul Pritchard – Environmental Engineer.
  • Ashely Hill – Yard Operative.

Ten brave Bristol and Avon Staff will be joining over 10,000 runners for this year’s Bristol Half Marathon, this merry band of ten are raising money for our nominated charity Meningitis Now. Wearing bright orange shirts bearing the Meningitis Now and Bristol & Avon Logos we hope they will stand out from the crowd; cheer them on as they make their way toward the finishing line.


Training for the event has been somewhat irregular as all involved are having to fit their running around both long work hours and family commitments. Paul Pritchard our Environmental Engineer comments ‘I’ve not done any proper running specific training as I’ve been concentrating on cycling. I did Paris Brest Paris (1200km) last week in 87 hours. No idea how running will turn out after that!’ Ashley, our Sales Manager is trying to do long runs on a Monday and Tuesday then Football on a Thursday, having two young and energetic children keep him busy and as for Karolina and Izabela ‘sorry, what training?’

After 37 years Steve Dayman who founded Meningitis Now after the death of his young son Spencer, supported by our own Jimmy Berkely has dedicated his life to finding the vaccine to eliminate this pernicious and deadly disease. Kevin, Aidan and Clare Berkely have taken up the baton left by their father Jimmy and have pledged to raise 100K towards the elimination of this dreadful disease.