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A Testimonial from the Trustees of Filton Golf Club

The people of north Bristol have been playing golf at Filton Golf Club for well over a century. The Club wants to encourage more people from the local community to enjoy the pleasures of playing golf in a secluded and peaceful parkland setting. With that objective in mind the Club plans to make major improvements in the facilities available to learn and practice the game.

The Club has worked with Bristol and Avon (B&A) Group over the past four years to develop these plans into formal planning applications. The planning applications compiled by B&A Group on behalf of the Club contain the results of meticulous examination of the geological, hydrological, ecological and environmental aspects of the plan. This work was carried out by B&A Group, their ecosystem of specialist consultants and members of the Club.

The planning applications were approved by both Bristol City Council and South Gloucestershire County Council earlier this year and the Club is looking forward to working in partnership with B&A Group during the subsequent construction phase.

Issued on behalf of the Trustees of Filton Golf Club

17th September, 2020