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Happy 4th Birthday B&A Stone Supplies

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This week, we are proud to be celebrating the 4th birthday of B&A Stone Supplies!

Looking back at when this division was first founded in 2020, it’s impressive to remember that even in our first year of operation we were able to deliver over half a million tonnes of aggregates to over 300 customers. Our extensive range of quality grade aggregates and dedicated team were instrumental to the success of our launch and we have only excelled further over the past year.

Our operational area now extends to Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Devon, Cornwall and further north into Hereford & Worcester. We have also started supplying to South Wales and the West Midlands which is truly incredible despite the reduction of available material in the marketplace.

B&A Stone Supplies (BASS) now offers over 40 different aggregate products from over 30 locations and still uphold our high standards to ensure that our quarried aggregates are routinely tested against both industry and company standards. Our dedicated team aspire to maintain our outstanding customer service and quality control reputation and we have now supplied to over 400 different customers. Our 4th year has been pivotal as we edged over 3 million tonnes since the formation of the business!

We have also secured multiple long term haulage agreements with several subcontractors over the past year which enables us to have the opportunity to increase coverage and volume abilities to exceed customers’ expectations.

An impressive 97% of orders over the past year were supplied as agreed for the next working day and an even more impressive 98% of same day deliveries were achieved when requested!

Whilst stats like these are incredible to see, it’s even more rewarding when we get such positive feedback from our customers. Comments detailing that this service is “Unheard of” or “we don’t expect volume this quickly” which of course, comes as a huge delight to our customers and is greatly satisfying for us to deliver such a bespoke and convenient offering.

The standout contract of the year has to be Copart in 2023 and while it was a joint B&A Group, team effort including B&A Land Regeneration and B&A Transport & Recycling, this showed our flexibility to work as a team and complete a huge contract together. A whopping 10,000t per day of material of both quarried and recycled material entered the site regularly again showing the ability of the business to perform at the very highest level.

Repeat business was a huge focus for the year, ensuring that all the enthusiasm of the first 3 years remained and we built upon what was nothing short of an incredible start to the Stone Supplies division! It’s essential to continuously grow and develop and while we can’t give away our secrets, we have simply used our existing formula for success here at B&A and will continue to do so moving forwards.

We can't thank our customers enough for their loyalty and continued support. 2023 was a more difficult year for many but we are truly astounded by the progress that we were able to make..

A tremendous amount of work and dedication goes into ensuring materials arrive when the customers require and our key focus has always and will always be; stone to site, on time, no excuse, no delay!

As the division turns 4, the market is probably in its most uncertain time since the pandemic. However, we are grateful to be operating within the South West and Wales which is certainly where you want to be if you’re in the Construction industry and we will strive to continue delivering a second-to-none service as we charge into 2024 and beyond.