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Meningitis Now update from B&A Group


As many of our customers are aware, the B&A Group has been working effortlessly to achieve its pledge of £100,000 towards our nominated charity Meningitis Now.

From bake sales and sweepstakes to community projects, have all played a vital role in securing the funding needed for the foundation’s research and support services.

We are happy to report that our hard work is paying off with a total of £62,983 raised so far, which has provided Meningitis Now with some of the medical tools and resources required for developing a vaccine.

The B&A Group’s contributions, in particular, have helped fund a project at the Spencer Dayman Meningitis Research Laboratories at the University of Bristol. This could lead to the development of a vaccine, that will be used to protect babies, children and adults against all forms of meningococcal disease.

Beth Bottrill, Director of Fundraising at Meningitis Now, explained that the donations are now being used to support the charity’s preventative research portfolio to find new and improved vaccines, that coincides with many campaigns launching next year.

“More cases of bacterial meningitis occur in winter months, so we will be running our annual ‘Winter Warning’ campaign highlighting the signs and symptoms to look out for and the need to seek immediate medical help if meningitis is suspected.” Beth continued. “We have also launched a campaign called ‘Adults Get It Too’ which aims to dispel the commonly held myth that meningitis is a disease that only affects babies and young children.”

As a big thank you, the B&A Team was invited to Meningitis Now’s Christmas Carol Concert at Gloucester Cathedral on 13th December; bringing together all of the organisation’s key supporters for a fun-filled evening of music, readings and reflection.

As we enter the New Year, both Meningitis Now and B&A Group will be busier than ever to ensure we raise enough funds to eliminate this disease once and for all.

“We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at B&A Group for their continued and significant support in 2018,” Beth added. “We look forward to working together again next year to save lives and rebuild futures.”