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roundabout construction


While Britain’s roads are used by millions of us every day the amount of work and technical skill required to build new roads is often not considered. Our skilled team experienced this first hand from the period of December 2019 to June 2020 when we provided a variety of services for Montel Civil Engineering, on behalf of Gloucester City Council.

Requiring an array of B&A services, this was a project that showcased our organisation, skill and not to mention our hardiness. For the majority of this project, our team endured the harshest winter in the UK for over 50 years! At the end of the construction process, we had assisted in creating over 360 metres of roads in Stonehouse to be adopted by the local council.

We even got the opportunity to chart the progression of the project, thanks to some skilled drone operating from the team! In the video, you can get a sense for the full scale of the project and just how much organisation was required to keep on schedule and deliver for the client.


The scheme itself required bulk earthworks and the supply and haulage for both recycled and quarried aggregates. Over the project’s lifetime, over 6600 tonnes was imported using both 8 wheel tippers and artics between from B&A’s recycling yard at Hallen and limestone quarries.

The off-site requirement for Stonehouse subsoil tied into a location at Innsworth operating as a re-use site under the CL:AIRE DoW CoP mechanism. The Stonehouse road cut, the vast pond dig and new ditch cut sections generated an impressive 24,000 m3 of subsoil which was moved off-site, that’s over 2800 loads in total!

Before this vast stockpile at Innsworth could be created safely, necessary planning steps were undertaken between B&A and key stakeholders to allow safe operations. Existing high voltage overhead power lines required robust health and safety measures in place to protest staff and other site users.

Despite the best efforts of the record-breaking winter weather, the project was completed in June 2020. Overall while it was a challenging project, especially for those exposed to the elements, the scale and quality of the work delivered certainly makes the B&A team proud.