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Mother’s Day 2020 – Supporting Mothers in the Workplace


On Sunday the 22nd March, throughout the UK, people will be celebrating their mothers and mother figures.

While the current situation means we may not be able to see each other in person, we can still reach out and remember one another during this time. Especially our mothers.

With this in mind, we’d like to share some of the ways we support the mothers on staff at B&A Group.

As a family business, B&A Group has never forgotten the importance of family. So, we endeavour to create policies that benefit our employees and their families.



It’s no secret that taking time off work to have a baby can take a huge toll on a family’s finances. Statutory maternity pay (SMP) goes towards covering the cost. But, for many in today’s society, this means tightening their belts and just about getting by.

At B&A Group we offer our employees two different levels of enhanced maternity pay, both of which offer full pay for an extended period and a further period at 50% pay.

We also offer enhanced paternity pay to all staff who have worked for six months’ continuous service. They receive statutory paternity pay (SPP) topped up to their full salary for two weeks.


B&A Group recognises that the cost of childcare can be incredibly prohibitive when it comes to mothers returning to work. For many families, the high cost of childcare outweighs the benefit of going back to work after maternity leave.

We are proud to offer a childcare vouchers scheme in a bid to help our valued employees cover the cost of childcare.

Childcare vouchers can save families up to £933 per parent, each year, depending on circumstances.

The scheme works by allowing working parents to exchange up to £243 per month from their salary in return for a childcare voucher of equal value. Parents can choose the amount that is deducted from their salary and is taken before tax and National Insurance, resulting in potentially huge savings.

An employee’s childcare vouchers go into their Busy Bees Benefits account. They can then choose their childcare provider and pay them directly from the scheme. Not only is this incredibly cost effective, but it’s also simple and hassle free.

They are not limited to babies. In fact, vouchers can be used until the 1st of September after the child’s 15th birthday (16th birthday if the child has a disability). The scheme is open to both parents. And even further savings can be made if parents choose a Busy Bees nursery as their childcare provider.