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The world has certainly changed considerably in the last 12 months, but the effect of the Pandemic hasn’t held back our team at B&A! On the 17th of February, we celebrated one year of the new B&A stone supplies service offered to customers, that specifically focused on quarried materials. Internally we call the new service BASS for short, and since starting up we are proud to say it’s been a huge success with our clients.

In its first year, we have supplied over half a million tonnes of aggregates to our clients! With over 300 customers using our services. We are proud to say it’s been a fantastic 12 months for all involved. Its huge success has also meant we have doubled the number of subcontractors, giving opportunities for some excellent local haulage contractors and this continues to grow

Ensuring, customers, clients and projects have the required volume of aggregate at the time they are required are vital, any delays can mean a delay to a project to a project. Our team have worked tirelessly to ensure the quantity, quality, suitability, and consistency of all ordered aggregates match our usual B&A standards even with the challenges the repeated lockdowns have brought.

As a pillar of the South West’s construction industry for decades, it was only natural for our new service to roll out locally first. Following supply to clients in Bristol, Bath and South Gloucestershire we have now expanded this new arm of the business even further. In its first year, we’re proud to say we have assisted in providing aggregates for projects in Hereford & Worcestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas.


At B&A we feel it’s important to understand our role not only in the construction industry but in our local community as a whole. That’s why with the new BASS service we are proud to say we’ve assisted a wide range of projects that not only kept our client’s timelines but also helped add to the area.

In total over the last year, we have supplied aggregates to over 25 different housing sites across the South West and beyond. With the requirement for new homes at it’s highest for decades, it was crucial to ensure our role in these projects went smoothly and our team did just that.

In addition, our new service was utilised by numerous essential concerns to ensure they are constructed and maintained to the highest level. Throughout the pandemic, some of the sectors we assisted include:

  • Fire Stations
  • Care Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Doctor Surgeries
  • Numerous Major Road Networks

As our work is considered essential the restrictions put into place by COVID-19 gave us little rest bite. We had team members at our Bristol office supporting companies to ensure crucial utilities such as gas, water and electricity could all remain in operation with our assistance.

b&a lorry at there office

Over October and November, we also provided over 2000 tonnes of required aggregates per day to a site in Avonmouth, just putting into perspective that no job for us is too big or too small. Our flexibility was also felt by our clients themselves, with David Shillabeer of Knight’s Brown saying:

“Anytime I place an order you always say yes! How do you do it? No matter what time I order it’s here, if I order 40 tonnes of dust at 7 am today it’s done today! At 5 pm I’m asking for another 100 tonnes of material tomorrow and you will do it, impressive, very impressive. “

Our customers are not the only ones who are thrilled with the success of B&A Stone Supplies. B&A group director Kevin Berkley on our one year anniversary said:

“It has been a pleasure working with Stuart and Reeko. They have both worked extremely hard during these challenging times and have achieved so much in a short period. BASS compliments our existing business model enabling us to provide an extended service to our existing customers as well as providing the opportunity to welcome new business whilst upholding our core B&A Group values. “

Creating a new arm to the B&A family doesn’t just mean providing outstanding service to customers like David and upholding the company values like Stuart and Reeko. It also means innovating wherever we can. That’s why BASS has gone electronic with communications, using state of the art software that removes the need for paper tickets and ensures real-time information is available to the customer. Furthermore, this paperless system helps ensure reciprocal productivity, service and operational benefits for our clients.

After a fantastic first year, we certainly can’t wait to see what year two of Bristol & Avon Stone Supplies brings!