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Staff Profile - Ben Higham Celebrating 10 Years With B&A Group

B&A Group Ben Higham

Ben Higham is celebrating 10 years with B&A Group this month and we’re so pleased that he joined us all those years ago!

Ben Higham

Geo-Environmental and geotechnical sampling was his first taste of being on construction sites and waste facilities. Building up a knowledge base of construction techniques, specifications, subsoil characteristics while learning the commercial incentives of each stakeholder in the industry has allowed Ben to hone his client management abilities as his career progressed up the ranks at B&A Group.

Ben’s industry training includes SMSTS, WAMITAB Level 4 Waste and Resource Management, High Risk Operator Competence for Managing Physical and Chemical Treatment of Hazardous Waste & CL:AIRE DoW CoP – Transfer of Materials.

In his current role as Commercial Manager, Ben is building on all his experience to date to price large scale earthmoving projects and enabling works for future sites ranging from £50K to £5M. Within this remit, bringing receiving sites online to accept soils is a key part of the model for B&A to collect, move and accept waste soils from the construction market. Assessing and mitigating risk is a key element to his work, from tender stage through to project delivery to maximise profits. Being part of a talented team of senior B&A managers and Directors has been very rewarding and helpful in achieving both personal and B&A project delivery goals.

A typical day for Ben includes everything from managing projects to communicating across all levels (site operatives to consultants to managing directors) as well as liaising with suppliers and subcontractors. Ben also takes on commercial accountability for project expenditure and income whilst undertaking the risk/reward analysis of upcoming projects.

We asked Ben what he enjoyed most about working at B&A Group, he said: “It’s very dynamic! The transport industry, especially one that serves multiple clients in an industry where situations can change so quickly keeps me on my toes. The variation between different jobs and working in and out of the office keeps it interesting and challenging. Good humoured co-workers count for a lot too.” and when we asked him how he felt about reaching 10 years with B&A Group, he said: “I feel a bit old to be honest, same sort of realisation when people designate one’s quip’s as dad jokes, but I’m glad I’ve hit this milestone. It feels great to be part of the strong B&A Group growth over the years. Here’s to moving more millions of cubic metres of planet earth!”

When Ben isn’t busy at work, he likes keeping fit, catching up with friends and family and fabricating things using his homemade live edge oak-topped gold resin-river workbench.

live edge oak-topped gold resin work bench

We’re so pleased that Ben joined the B&A family 10 years ago and we’re looking forward to what the future has in store for all of us!