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Today, we’re introducing Land Surveyor Thiago Abreu. Thiago joined B&A Group last year, supporting our land regeneration and earthworks services.

A large part of Thiago’s role is visiting sites and conducting stockpile surveys for earthworks and land remediation projects. He ensures our teams have the necessary volume data before beginning work on a site, creating CAD drawings used in planning.

In his day to day responsibilities, Thiago uses Autodesk Civil 3D and Trimble Business Centre (TBC) software for CAD drawings. TBC is the link between the project design and Trimble Machine Control. We have two dozers and one excavator with Trimble GPS. Thiago is responsible for uploading the designs into the machines and making sure that it’s working before the job starts. Trimble GPS technology facilitates geographical mapping for topographical surveys, allowing him to calculate cut and fill volumes to advise project managers. Our Trimble machines are the latest in advanced cut and fill technology, streamlining operations and reducing potential errors. In addition to this, Thiago also works with high-specification robotic total stations for remote setting out and surveying, meaning he can conduct more calculations in less time.

Having Thiago join the team has been instrumental for B&A Group as it enables us to conduct surveys in house, making projects run more smoothly and cutting costs and timescales down, which benefits our clients. With over 20 years’ experience producing CAD drawings for various companies and projects, Thiago’s expertise is a valuable asset to our land regeneration work.

In his previous roles as a Site Engineer, Thiago found himself working across one or two sites for months (even years). Now, Thiago will be working on between three and five different sites each day across Bristol and the South West. With new projects coming in every week, he is certainly kept busy, handling around five or six projects at a time. According to Thiago, the work is fast paced and full of interesting challenges.

The work can be varied, with sites ranging in size from 2,500sqm to over 100,000sqm.

Thiago recently achieved his drone pilot licence, meaning he can now conduct drone surveys of sites and, using DJI Terra and Pix4D photogrammetry software, he creates 2D and 3D digital models used in project planning and management. By using drones, we save time on data collection and are able to gather more reliable data from places that are difficult to access on foot or by vehicle, thus minimising production downtime.

Since joining the team, Thiago has mastered several new skills, using a range of different software to produce project drawings. A fast learner, he has enjoyed the challenge, researching and staying up to date with new software used to produce designs. He has a can do approach and will tackle anything that comes his way with dedication and a commitment to learn and further develop his skills.

Born in Brazil from a Portuguese background, Thiago speaks five languages. He also spent two years working in Africa as a Land Surveyor and CAD Designer.

According to Thiago, one of the best things about working for B&A Group is that he feels really appreciated for his work. Everyone is supportive and will offer congratulations on a job well done, recognising the hard work that goes into each project. He also enjoys being able to work autonomously, managing his time in a way that is productive. In such a busy role, he says this time management is key.

Outside of work, Thiago enjoys relaxing and spending time with his family. With a passion for technology, when he finds time, he likes keeping up to date on all the latest tech.

A big thank you to Thiago for all his hard work. It’s great having you on the team!