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In the Spotlight: Karolina Kapitanovaite


Karolina Kapitanovaite started her role working for B&A Group in April 2018 as ‘Weighbridge Operator’ but has since changed positions and is now ‘Transport Administrator’. Prior to her post at B&A, Karolina was a bar and restaurant manager so now works in a very different environment.

When the pandemic first happened Karolina was furloughed but has been busier than ever since being back with helping other departments as well as carrying out her own role.

Her main responsibilities include looking after subcontractor accounts, weighing of all goods in/out of Hallen yard, ensuring that all the B&A driver’s paperwork is completed and preparation and completion of sales management reports to reflect sales information. She is an extremely valued member of the team and is an essential part in ensuring the smooth running of projects.

What Karolina enjoys most about working at B&A Group is the excellent team she is surrounded by. She says she loves ‘being busy!! the people I work with and the job satisfaction.’

Outside of work Karolina likes to keep active and regularly goes for runs and plays basketball. She also enjoys watching basketball, socialising (when allowed to), and traveling to new and exciting places.