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What is Grab Hire?

B&A Group Grab Lorry Hire Bristol

A Grab vehicle is capable of moving vast volumes circa 16.50 tonnes at a time of domestic and commercial recyclable waste directly to a recycling facility. The “Grab” part is in reference to the “Clamshell bucket” on the end of a hydraulic arm, which picks up the waste and drops it into the bed of the lorry.

One of the main advantages of the Grab is the ability to reach waste in hard-to-get-to areas, such as over a fence or hedge. Grab Hire Service includes a qualified driver/operator.

grab lorry lifting material into trailer

How much does it cost to hire a Grab Lorry?

The cost of grab hire varies based on a few factors including size of project, number of journeys and amount and type of waste being taken away. If you are able to separate concrete from soils there are often further savings to be made. When you contact a grab hire service they can provide you with a quote.

Is Grab Hire cheaper / better than Skip Hire?

Grab Hire can be more efficient than a skip - the large capacity and ability to remove swiftly is an attractive option. It also means you don’t have to pay / organise a street permit like you would a skip.

The grab lorry will do all the heavy lifting work whilst a skip is very much a manual self loading approach.

What sort of projects might require a Grab Lorry?

The following sorts of material can be collected by a Grab lorry;

  • Earth and soil removal
  • Earth and soil on site relocation
  • Concrete bricks removal
  • Topsoil and hardcore removal
  • Garden and tree waste removal
  • Non-hazardous waste removal

This makes them suited to home renovation and garden projects, as well as for property developers and self-employed construction or landscaping businesses.

What waste is not suitable for Grab Hire?

The following materials are not suitable for Grab Hire;

  • Asbestos
  • Paint
  • Oil
  • Batteries
  • Tyres
  • Some hazardous waste
  • Gas bottles

Furniture, mattresses, carpet and plasterboard

What’s the difference between Grab Hire and Muck Away?

Inert Soil Removal - Historically labelled (and also known as) as Muck away is very similar to Grab Hire.

Soil Away is the collection of large amounts of subsoil waste, which then gets taken to a suitable restoration project.This is recycled wherever possible. It is collected by a tipper lorry that can carry a larger volume then a Grab lorry, but there will need to be an excavator on site to load the tipper.

Grab Hire is a more ideal solution for waste collection, transportation and recycling, when there are restricted areas or access on the project site. Because of the extendable hydraulic arm and grabber integrated onto the lorry, it removes the need of an excavator.

Where can I hire a grab lorry in the South West?

B&A group offer a Grab Hire Service. We have over 50 years in the industry and have a reputation for providing high-quality products and excellent customer relationships. Please contact us to see how we can help!

B&A Group Grab Lorry Hire Bristol

About B&A Group Grab Hire

All of our grab lorries are:

  • Approximately 3m wide and 9.5m long
  • Carry up to 16.5 tonnes
  • Have a reach of around 8 metres.
  • Can collect loose or bagged material
  • Can also deliver and drop off materials
  • Permitted to transport a range of contaminated soil.

Our Grab lorries are operated by an experienced and qualified professional drivers fully capable of dealing with potential impediments such as confined spaces and narrow roads. You can take a look at a project we collaborated with Willow Works which had some interesting constraints we had to overcome.