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Our Values

Trucks Passing Offices

At B&A Group we’re leaders in our field. We use expertise garnered from our years of experience to provide our clients with a bespoke service, catered to their exact specification. Long standing relationships between management and team members, alongside specialist contractors and clients has grown us a reputation for quality, dependability and service.

At B&A Group our vision is to be Responsible, Reliable & Ready.


  • Environmental compliance at the forefront of all operations
  • Maximising environmental benefits through sustainability
  • Safeguarding clients & workforce through continued commitment to health & safety
  • Continued investment in personnel training
  • Respecting fleet operator undertakings


  • 30 years of industry experience
  • Exceeding client expectations at every opportunity
  • Consistent stakeholder focus
  • Deliver on time every time
  • Continued In house analysis of key performance indicator


  • Constant availability of modern fleet & plant
  • Re-active to client needs with a cost effective approach
  • Strive to meet client service level requirements at all times
  • Dedicated out of hours & short notice service provision in emergency situations
  • Proactive approach to fleet & plant maintenance

Expertise in the Field

We’re confident that we have the experience and knowledge to see you through any waste management challenge. As a close-knit family-run business, we’ve been heavily involved in the past 30 years of regeneration in Bristol and the surrounding area. We’re a safe pair of hands, dedicated to blending professionalism, reliability and attention to detail with an unrivalled knowledge of an increasingly complex and sensitive regulatory environment.

Rely on us

We know how important it is that we deliver to your specifications. Our experience means we’re well practiced in getting you what you require, on time. We offer a comprehensive solution that serves the diverse and complex needs of everyone from major contractors to small and medium sized companies.

Service & Professionalism

We have an unbeatable record for professionalism, and that’s down to our team of outstanding individuals. We understand that our clients are often working to a strict budget, tight deadline and strict environmental and safety guidelines so our service is prompt and efficient. We’re dedicated to providing you with the best service, with minimum disruption and maximum piece of mind.

Our team is kept up to date with training and personal development opportunities to make sure we’re always at the top of our field.

Health & Safety

For us, a safe working environment is key. We always treat health and safety policies as a priority, and you can view our Health and Safety Policy here. We have also produced a detailed Health and Safety management system providing extensive information regarding everything from operating procedures to legal requirements and hazards, to reporting requirements.

Prior to working with us, each employee or temporary contractor is inducted into our health & safety culture. Each individual is informed of the particular risks associated with their tasks, along with the necessary reporting requirements, operating and emergency procedures. We currently hold a very good record and investigate all accidents and ‘near misses’ fully.

Environmental Responsibility

At Bristol and Avon Group, we do everything in strictest accordance with the relevant legislation, rules and regulations. Our clients have confidence that we’re committed to the highest standards of environmental performance.


We like to talk. We know that your project requires clear and open communication, so we’re happy to talk you through every step of the process. We maintain strong working relationships between our staff members and contractors to ensure channels of communication are always open, and to nurture a collaborative work environment that delivers on quality and efficiency.