Planting Trees and Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Planting Trees and Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Furthering our sustainability efforts, B&A Group are pleased to share that through a new partnership with Carbon Footprint Ltd, we have planted 100 trees throughout the South West, as part of a scheme towards offsetting the UK’s carbon footprint. 

Year old saplings of native broad leaf species, such as English Oak, Hazel, Wild Cherry, Rowan and Field Maple have been planted across the region, in a bid to combat carbon emissions, increase biodiversity and preserve our ecological heritage for generations to come. 

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With every tree planted, we have also helped offset 1 tonne of carbon emissions in the Amazon Rainforest, a total of 100 tonnes of carbon emissions, through Verified Carbon Standard reduction projects undertaken by Carbon Footprint. The Amazon is in dire need of intervention, most recently as a result of devastating fires destroying acres of rainforest. It is estimated that over 2 million acres of forest were lost to fires in 2019.


Why Plant Trees?

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Planting trees has huge benefits, both to the local community and to the wider environment. Tree planting helps to support wildlife, maintaining biodiversity and ensuring the survival of species whose habitats have been threatened. It also improves air quality, preserves soil and conserves water. Vitally, planting trees offsets carbon emissions, helping to prevent climate change. 


About Carbon Footprint Ltd

Carbon Footprint Ltd is dedicated to preserving and improving our natural environment, partnering with organisations on projects designed to offset carbon emissions throughout the world. They are founding members of the Quality Assurance Standard for carbon offsetting and regularly advise the UK government on low carbon legislation. They also chair the UK Sustainable Business Network. 

Under this scheme, new trees are planted across 12 mainland regions of the UK, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. A large number of these trees are planted in schools, helping students learn more about environmental issues, as well as having fun planting and tending their trees. 

B&A Group are committed to promoting and delivering sustainable solutions in all that we do. We are thrilled to be involved in such a vital scheme, as well as doing our part to prevent climate change and safeguard our environment. 

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