UK waste legislation 101 – What you need to know

UK waste legislation 101 – What you need to know

Taking care of our clients, staff and sites is important to us. After all, our responsibilities, and those of our clients, are the most crucial part of our business. Because of that, we make sure every procedure takes place in strictest accordance with the most recent legislation, rules and regulations. Our policies are regularly updated to lower risk, each with the value of our clients, staff and the environment in mind.
We also keep all of our services and activities in line with the latest in UK waste legislation. In the following blog we outline the need-to-know elements of the latest in UK waste legislation.

banda-UK waste legislation 101 - What you need to know

Business and commercial waste disposal
As a business you have a duty to follow these steps at all times:
Cut unnecessary waste. This is done by doing everything within reason to prevent, reuse, recycle and recover waste.
Thoroughly sort and store waste in a manner which is safe and secure
Complete a waste transfer note for each load of waste that leaves your premises
Ensure your waste carrier is registered to dispose of waste
Report any waste carriers disposing of waste illegally.
Any hazardous waste is treated with the appropriate care and attention

What is business waste?
Any waste that comes from a commercial activity is classed as business waste and should be treated as such. If you use part of your home to run your business then any waste from that part is also counted as being business waste.
As well as this all waste created from construction, demolition, industry and agriculture counts as business waste.

Disposing of your own waste
If you choose to dispose of your own business waste you must register as a waste carrier if you want to dispose of your own waste regularly. Apply to register in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Depending on the nature of your business, you may also need to apply for a waste permit. You can always save yourself the paperwork and hassle by contacting B&A Group today to manager your business and commercial waste disposal on your behalf.

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