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B&A Group Westgate Bristol
B&A Group Westgate Bristol
B&A Group Westgate Bristol

Westgate, Western Approach

Bristol , Harrow Estates and Robert Hitchins

Bristol & Avon Group carried out land raising works for a joint venture between Harrow Estates and Robert Hitchins to develop land for commercial and residential end-use.

The site was formerly agricultural land with an adjacent distribution center.

B&A Group were appointed as principal contractor to install, implement and monitor all environmental controls, measurement systems and material tracking associated with this type of soil import.

B&A Group operated a Bespoke Recovery Permit from 2015 for the first phase of works for the importation of subsoil to raise the development platform above flood risk levels. The first phase of works imported approximately 120,000m3 between 2016 and 2017. The Phase 1 bespoke environmental permit was successfully surrendered in 2018.

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Project details
Client Harrow Estates and Robert Hitchins
Dates 2017 - present
Services Land Raising & Remodelling Flood Protection Cut & Fill Operations Recovery & Waste Disposal
“It has been a pleasure working with B&A on this Contract and look forward to working with you again soon in bringing the next phases of land raising forward.”
Ian Morrow Associate Civil, Highways & Infrastructure for Arup

Environmental Permitting

B&A Group are now engaged in the second phase plans for the import of 600,000m3 based on the initial successful performance and been granted a bespoke environmental permit by the Environment Agency. There is also a potential variation to add a further 600,000m3, taking the total development import to over 1,300,000m3.

The works to import materials to Phase 2 have yet to commence.

Challenges & Solutions

The site had a number of constraints including ecology, access, existing uses and services.

B&A Group instructed a series of ecological surveys to help manage timings and constraints of the sites ecology. These surveys have allowed B&A Group to phase the works and carry out biodiversity mitigation and enhancement works.

The site comprised low lying agricultural grazing with only minor farm access tracks crossing the network of rhines and land drains. The site is currently leased for agricultural grazing.

A series of enlarged crossing points were constructed to allow HGV and plant crossings along with geotechnically enhanced haul roads to provide access to the fill areas

Bristol & Avon liaised with all relevant statutory stakeholders to ensure the impact of the works was minimised. This included carrying out trial pitting of services and construction of concrete slabs to form crossing points for services.

Added Value

Bristol & Avon obtained two Environmental Permits for the works and also instructed all the ecological surveys and service investigations.

A large attenuation pond was also constructed for the Phase 1 works.

Works for Phase 2 will be carried out in phases to meet demand for plots and also availability of materials in the market. This will also allow continued use of the agricultural grazing land.