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Bristol & Avon Now Accepting Hazardous Tarmac

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When it comes to protecting your customers and workforce against harmful chemicals, the chances are that you are already relying on a service such as Bristol & Avon to dispose of your waste. However, one hazardous material that has perhaps been overlooked by your organisation is your tarmac driveway or car park – particularly ones which were laid in the early 1980s.

Is tarmac hazardous waste?

Such tarmac is likely to have been laid with a binder that includes coal tar, a material that is highly dangerous if not carefully treated. At Bristol & Avon Transport & Recycling, we are excited to announce that we now accept such material at our facility in Hallen, Avonmouth, making it easier to dispose of your old tarmac and protect your customers and the environment.

What we can do

At our dedicated facility, we receive, store, treat and re-use the hazardous material safely, and in line with our environmental and sustainability principles. The B&A Group conduct this as a turnkey operation in-house, so we can provide you with the assurances that this hazardous waste stream will be dealt with responsibly and at a very competitive price

What is hazardous tarmac?

If your site has asphalt that was laid before the early 1980s, the chances are that it includes a binder consisting of coal tar, which makes the tarmac hazardous. The binder used in modern asphalt is called bitumen, which does not have the same detrimental impact on the environment that its predecessor does. To fully classify the type of tarmac on your site, please get in touch with the B&A Group who will be able to provide further assistance.

How we can help

At B & A Group, we are happy to review any site investigation reports or chemical analysis to determine whether your site includes coal tar tarmac. Additionally, we can also offer a comprehensive testing service and provide the necessary haulage to bring your material to our facility for treatment and responsible tarmac disposal.

If you want to find out more about our hazardous tarmac treatment at Hallen, Avonmouth, get in touch with the B&A Group team today. With over 20 years of experience in land remediation, haulage and waste management, we’re best placed to provide a safe and effective solution for your hazardous tarmac.