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Hazardous Tarmac now accepted at Hallen Premises

Bristol & Avon Transport & Recycling

Bristol & Avon Transport & Recycling can now accept hazardous tarmac into our facility at Hallen, Avonmouth.

If your site or highway has a heritage of asphalt that was laid before the early 80’s then there is a high chance the binder is coal tar.

Coal tar contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) – which possess cancerous, mutagenic and toxic properties, that are hazardous towards human health and the environment.

However, modern asphalt by comparison, uses bitumen as a binder which does not have a detrimental impact on the environment nor human life.

At our permitted site, we receive, store, treat, and re-use these materials safely and in-line with our environmental and sustainability principles.

One of these core duties is to ensure that tarmac is treated and reused, instead of going to waste as landfill strategy which is environmentally unfavorable and heavily discouraged commercially by the HMRC.

B&A Group conduct Hazardous tarmac collection and treatment as a turnkey operation in-house, so we can provide you with the assurances that this hazardous waste stream will be dealt with responsibly and at a very competitive price.

With only a small number of UK sites taking care of hazardous tarmac waste, puts B&A Group at the forefront, as one of the main leaders in this sector.

We have advised local authorities, developers, principal contractors, remediation specialists, consultants and planing contractors and waste industry professionals about the short comings of historical outlets and how we can offer modern cost-effective solutions.

We can offer collection services using our own vehicles or if you have your own transport we can simply offer a gate fee per tonne. We can be very flexible with our yard opening hours to accommodate any night-time planing operations.

If you need any assistance to classify your tarmac waste or require haulage and treatment options – be sure to contact us on 0117 982 9561 or alternatively, e-mail B&A Group on:

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