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Cycle to Work Scheme


Here at B&A Group, we care deeply about our looking after our employees’ wellbeing and protecting the environment. So, we are pleased to announce our latest wellbeing initiative – signing up to the national Cycle to Work scheme.

The Cycle to Work scheme is a government incentive, aimed at encouraging people to be healthier and more environmentally friendly by cycling to and from work. Introduced in 1999, the scheme has become a popular way to get more people into cycling, with added benefits of reduced congestion and improved health and wellbeing.

The scheme involves empowering employees to start cycling to work, through a smart salary sacrifice programme, allowing them to save on the cost of a new bike and cycling accessories, with monthly tax-free instalments.


Bikes can be used for leisure as well as commuting, making the scheme a brilliant investment for employees. Overall, they can save up to 47% on the cost of a new bicycle and cycling accessories. The scheme is partnered with over 95% of all major bike brands available in the UK, with access to over 1,200 retailers across the country.

Employees will also benefit from access to in store discounts and special offers from retailers such as Halfords, Cycle Republic and Tredz.

All bikes come with a full warranty, plus a lifetime guarantee if they buy a bike from Halfords. Halfords also offers a free 6 week check at any local Halfords store and 8 weeks’ free bike insurance. Not only that, but employees will receive a 20% discount card on all bike parts and accessories available in Halfords stores, with 20% off the entire Apollo bike range for their family members. Halfords have also included a free 1 year CycleCare package for all bikes, helping keep employees safe and fully equipped on the road.

The scheme includes a handy online calculator, showing employees how much they can save by partaking in the scheme.


Not only does this promote a more environmentally friendly workplace (something which B&A Group is incredibly passionate about), but it also will help improve the health and fitness of our valued employees. Cycling to work has been proven to enhance the productivity and wellbeing of staff, reducing health-related absence and helping people feel happier at work.